“Test Drive” Proposed New Course!

      Tuesday, September 19, disc golfers will be welcome to test run a proposed new Disc Golf Course at Clapp Memorial Golf Course, located at Harry and Oliver.

The proposed Clapp Disc Golf Course is a collaborative design by Bill Paulson, Ben Wiggins, Jerry Sherwood, Marcus Anderson and David Buschschulte.  It is a Professional Course designed to stretch your arm out with a total championship length of 9,519 feet.

However, if approved for permanent installation, 4 holes will have “everyday positions” that are shorter in order to protect the ball greens. Three holes will also have an alternate tee.  That set up will still provide the pro with 8,432’ of play.  And, even with the three alternate am tees, that configuration will still be a healthy 7,581’.

On Sept. 19, everyone plays the  Pro Championship layout:

The championship course begins with a hole of only 248’, but don’t be fooled, it only gets tougher from there; with 6 holes in the 300’s, 4 in the 400’s, 4 in the 600’s, 1 in the 800’s and two in the 900’s.  It has some wide open throws to let it rip, plus many that have to thread the needle with plenty of OB making an already tough course even tougher.

Please, don’t miss this opportunity to play this amazing venue.  The ACDGC needs the data your round will provide for future projects at this course.  We also need to show the city our desire to have a course of this magnitude so numbers count.  You will also have the opportunity to fill out a survey covering design and costs so your input is valuable.  This might just be the day you will want to call in sick to work.  And besides, this may be your only chance to ever play the true Pro Championship layout since it is designed for top Pro events only.

Now for the bad news!  It costs to play.  Prices have yet to be determined but for the trial event on Sept 19 (Tuesday), they are set at $8 and if you and a friend want to share a cart, it will cost an additional $7.  For two people and a cart to share the total will be $23. No prize out on the 19th so there will be no ACDGC fees. You do not have to rent a cart. But, there are a couple of long walks from basket to tee.  The course plays mostly on the front 9 of the traditional golf course and, due to an annual maintenance day at the park, we will have the course mostly to ourselves for the day.

We need to be on our best behavior.  I know this doesn’t really need to be said but the bridges are very narrow with only inches to spare for a cart to fit.  If we damage some, they may question the wisdom of letting us use them in the future.  There are trash cans on the course.  Please use them.  And clean out your cart when your round is finished.  They do allow all beverages on the course with the stipulation that they are all bought at the club house.  Please respect their rules, equipment and guidelines.


Everyone starts at hole #1.  Please arrange with your friends to play this course at the earliest possible time.  There will be no cart rentals after 6pm.  If you are not finished by 8 pm, they may escort you off the course.  So come early, don’t get shut out.  If everyone showed at 6 pm, there would be some that won’t get to play.  The first available tee time is currently set at 9 am.  We may institute a call-in for tee times.

There will be scorecards that will need to be turned in for the data collection the club needs.  Out-of-bounds shots need to be recorded by circling the score with multiple circles for multiple OBs on the same hole.  There will also be a survey where you can express your opinions about the course, the fees or Donald Trump.

Now, we are certain, will be the number of OBs, as every hole has them.  Some you would have to have a truly errant shot to get there but anything is possible.  This is why we want to know how many OBs you have so we can make some changes if we feel it is necessary.

If this course gets installed permanently, which is the desire of the ACDGC, you will be able to call in for a tee time. You can also bring your son or daughter and they can play foot golf with a soccer ball at this course at the same time.  That might be a little confusing but that course uses the same basic area we will use.

   This is a “Don’t Miss Event”! Hope to see many of you out there, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017 at Clapp Memorial Golf Course